Fun Cub Parts and Mods for the Multiplex FunCub
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  Fun Cub Parts will be ending operations soon. We still have some of the landing gear mods available, and a few other spare parts. See our parts page to see what's left...

  Fun Cub Parts was your one-stop-shop for the Multiplex FunCub
remote control airplane. We sold everything including the FunCub aircraft kit, original replacement parts, floats, power packs, aftermarket mods, upgrades, and other RC components that are compatible with the Fun Cub including: brushless electric motors, ESCs, LiPo batteries, servos, propellers, prop adapters, landing gear, electronics, wires, and glues.

The FunCub is not your average RC plane. Whether landing in tall grass, big rocks on the beach, or on water with its optional float kit, the FunCub handles any "off-airport" location effortlessly. With a high performance motor and prop setup, 5-inch diameter foam wheels, and durable off-road versatility, the FunCub has come to be known as the "quintessential RC bush plane."